Upload file by referencing link

I’m wondering if Coda supports uploading files solely through reference links.

Specifically, I’m interested in knowing if it’s feasible to upload a file to Coda simply by referencing its link without the need for direct file uploads. This could streamline workflows significantly, especially when dealing with files hosted on external platforms.

Basically the reverse function graciously offered by @Paul_Danyliuk and @Christiaan_Huizer :

ParseJson(thisRow.File.First()._Merge() + “”, “$.publicUrl”)

Has anyone experimented with this feature or found any workarounds to achieve a similar outcome? Any insights or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated!

For sure! Simply set the File column of a row to a public URL with a Button and Coda will “ingest” it to permanently host it

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Thank you, @Rickard_Abraham!

That was one of my initial thoughts as well, and it seemed like a logical approach. I attempted to use the ModifyRows function:

  thisRow.[Public URL]

Unfortunately, it didn’t yield the desired outcome for me. I suspect this might be due to the file being stored on Google Drive. :crazy_face:

I haven’t tested it with other public URLs yet, but for Google Drive, this method doesn’t seem to work.

However, I did stumble upon a workaround for embedding at least a preview of an image or PDF file from Google Drive into a Coda table.

Instead of using the standard link to the file:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/[FILE ID]

I used:

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/d/[FILE ID]

It allowed to see peview in Image URL column type, and to be able to print it out. As for now this solution fits my requirements, however, I’m still curious about how to upload a file to Coda simply by referencing its link without the need for direct file uploads.


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To get private Google Drive files into Coda I have a free pack here :clap:

That’s an interesting workaround you found previewing PDFs, you might also want to have a look at my PDF pack

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