URL encoding in Wikipedia article name - pack fails to find article; Other

The following is an article name cut and paste from Wikipedia:


The Wikipedia pack fails to find the article. Replacing the “%26” with “&” fails as well and returns a “no article found …” error message. Copying and pasting the entire URL does returns an error message in which the “%26” is replaced with “&”.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._S.Fry%26_Sons (also fails).

I have not tried all other encoded characters but it also fails on “%27” or the single apostrophe.

On a related note, I can view the following article in Wikipedia and copy the URL but the pack is unable to retrieve the article:

en…/wiki/Tcho takes you to a disambiguation page which links to the capitalized spelling.

Hi @Clay_Gordon,

Thanks for posting this. I’ve added it to our internal tracker so we can take a closer look. I tried all permutations of that title I could think of as well and wasn’t able to get the article to come up. I’ve noticed some articles in the wikipedia api do have a tough time, so we’ll check and see if its something we can remedy.

Thanks again for the feedback!


And it fails on


I want to post a link to “wikipedia”/wiki/Scharffen_Berger_Chocolate_Maker to preview that it exists but the comment system will not let me post a link to that source. Hmm?

So the pack is a great resource for what I am trying to do, but perhaps not as robust as it could be.

I think there’s a flaw in your copy of this page ID which is apparently munged by the forum app when pasted - it’s actually this and cannot be rendered here fully unless it is formatted as a code fragment:


But, it doesn’t change anything - this link won’t hunt (in the Pack). I also tried many different encodings without success.

Oddly, Coda (itself) has no issues with it:


Whatever the cause, this URL is solid so I’ll bet a turkey sandwich that the Pack is being faked out just like this forum is unable to render it.



I provided a number of examples where the Coda Wikipedia pack fails, not just the JS Fry example. The system thought I was posting SPAM and so I was locked out of editing the URL properly – I tried with and without the HTML encoding and I did miss one of the underscores in one case.