Wikipedia Cross-Doc-Sync failed

Hi there,

i used the cross-doc function and tried to sync a wikipedia table. Unfortunately it doesn’t work as expected and shows me code in the link column and the column automatically created by cross doc. wikipedia pack is added. i seem to remember that it has worked before? Is there something special to take care of?


Hi @Michael_Jahn , thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re running into this issue with your wikipedia table. After taking a look at your account, it looks like we alerted you of an issue with your doc about a week ago saying that: “Our automated systems detected that you attempted to copy pages from the doc below to another doc and it failed to complete.” Is this related to the issue that you’ve reported here?

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Ah, okay. That could be it, at least the wikipedia table is in there. It was a page that just wouldn’t copy. In the sense that no page of the new document could be opened and after some time and several attempts this worked.

If I understand this correctly, then the Cross Doc function and wikipedia works otherwise without problems, right? Because that would be great and then I should get it done.

That’s correct @Michael_Jahn ! Are things now working properly?