Wikipedia pack set up


I am trying to use the wikipedia pack.

My goal is to use a short sentence in one column as the wikipedia search.

1- I selected the Wikipedia Pack
2- Formatted the new column with the Wikipedia Pack
3- wrote the following formula

wikipedia : Article = ( Title ,“en”) Title being the name of the column used as a reference

The expected out come would be , if I have " Renault Mégane " as an entry in the title column , under the wikipwdia column, I would see the following link


Thank you for helping me out. This is the first time I am using a Pack and I am new to coda.

Thank you

Dear @Bruno_Levine,

I made a button to open the link in Wikipedia, is this what you are looking for:

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Jean Pierre

This is awesome ! Now I need to play around with the function and in the process learn

Thank you so so much.


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