Use Coda for Monthly Meetings

We have monthly steering committee meetings where monthly updates are collected from each member (11). Each person provides an update on the past month, future plans, and any needed decisions from the committee.

The main purpose of the monthly meeting is 1) to to share knowledege between each member of the committee 2) make any decisions that are needed.

I am planning on using a form to collect updates from each person on a monthly basis and am running into two issues:

  1. I have a “text type” column to collect the update for activities during the past month and planned activities for next month. Today, people either share in email or a word doc. Usually this is anywhere from a paragraph to half a page. i would like everyone to just give a bulleted list. Is that possible within the form of a “text” field (can’t find it anywhere). If not, any suggestions on how to do this. The form is not allowing me to insert a carriage return to break things up into separate lines.

  2. for any decisions needed, the number can vary anywhere from 0 - 5. Usually, each person has 1-3 items. If they write those in a single, how can those be broken out into individual items? Or, can the form be flexible enough to add additional fields for decisions if the user requests.

If anyone has any suggestions, would be grateful. Nothing is built yet, so very open to a different approach.

Thank you

HI There,

Welcome to Coda!

I have created a very similar document recently for our office. The difference is that we start with the decision, or Gap, and then schedule meetings for each gap/decision. From each meeting, we then create action items in a separate table.

So the structure is as follows: Create a gap, and from the gap, click the button to create a page for the meeting. This new page will also include a table where action items can be recorded, and followed up.

However, there is nothing that stops you from ignoring the step for the gap creation.

This is Coda, twist and turn it to suite your requirements!


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Thank you Piet!

I appreciate your help!

It’s a pleasure, let us know if you have further questions.