User-Friendly Column Name Display

I would love to see a secondary type of Column Name that is would be appropriate for user-facing tables.

For instance, my column names are often quite gnarly, but mean something important to the formulas of my document, but I don’t like my users seeing them.

For Example: these two button column names:

I have experimented with an additional table, just to show User-Friendly column names, but this produces a poor experience because it will not scroll horizontally together.
Here is an example of that:

Something similar to this is honestly my number #1 request right now. Let’s see if it can happen

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just to point out that Coda already has a user-friendly column-name mechanism that you can use in modal dialogs (accessed through the ‘edit layout’ menu option.

so the trick now is for coda to make these user-friendly labels visible in the table views also!

just sayin


A toggle in the page locking options would do the trick. Even though this has nothing to do with locking, it would allow for an easy mechanism to set this on a page by page basis, and you can have your developer/maker facing pages with your ‘base’ tables showing the less user friendly column names.

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