User-specific To Do Lists

Is there a way to make a to-do list that is unique to each user?

I’m trying to create a protocol for people visiting the page, like:
Step 1: Sign in.
Step 2: Answer these questions.
Step 3: etc.

I’d like a way for them to track their progress on these steps, ideally with a check-list that’s conditionally formatted as they complete each step (strike-through and color coding).

But obviously each person would be at their own stage in the journey, and each persons check-list would have to be unique to them. Is this possible?

Would also like to store their stage in a table so I could send follow-ups based on their stage.

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Also hoping to avoid buttons, because 99% of people will be using mobile and I don’t think new people will intuitive be able to figure out to swipe to take action on the button (this seems like a major downsides of buttons to me).

Hi Peter,

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This is VERY possible. I would think that thee are many multi -user todo list/ project docs in the gallery would be a good starting point for your specific requirements.

The below is a very simple example:


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