Creating Sales Pipeline Checklists

I was hoping I could get some ideas for a design of a doc. Our sales team has sales stages. In each sales stage, there is a checklist of items to be completed for each “deal”. So there will be one checklist for each potential customer. I’m looking for a way to keep all the checklist items synchronized - so that if I make changes to an item, that checklist item will be updated in each deal/sale. So, i need to be able to maintain changes to the checklist in a central location, and have a way for salespeople to view the checklist and cross of the items for each deal. I’m wondering if somehow I could have a master view of the checklist items (where i can edit them as needed), and maybe a separate view for each deal/sale that shows those items as complete/incomplete that the salesperson can work with.

I’m not sure how to make this work in Coda, or if it can. Any ideas?

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Hey Emma there are a tons of ways to do this. You could have a master project/deal table, then have another table with all of the sub tasks with a lookup pointing back to the parent. Or a simpler approach would be to use the checkboxes that are availble in cell content.

I would recommend start building and take it as far as you can then come back and post an example for the community to critique and help you with. Good luck!