Using a select list to populate fields in a doc? Can't figure it out

Hey all,

I tried searching for an example of this but couldn’t find anything, probably because I am getting the terminology wrong. :slight_smile:

I’d like to know how I can create a document with merge fields in it and at the top use a dropdown to select the record that would populate the merge fields. Does that make sense? It’s kind of like a mail merge but I don’t want to automate the mailings or anything, just see the document with the merged information.

Anyone understand my gibberish question that can help?

Happy with a link to a doc or video, no need to explain how to do this if it’s already out there. :slight_smile:

A bit more detail here (cause I just figured out part of this): I know how to set up the select but I don’t know how to get additional fields from the table.

For example; I have a select looking at a table of properties names and can then reference that select in the document but how to I get other fields from that same property like the address and such?

Figured this one out on my own.

Used a select list (select 1) to choose a property name and the following formula to fill out the address field:

Lookup(Properties,Properties.[Property Name], [select 1]).Address

Result like this:

The address for Property One is 123 Somewhere

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