How to create "Control > Select value" with list of user?

Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to created a control select value with a list of user that are in the doc? if so , what formula it is to pull this list. Thanks

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Hi @Korn_Tris! :slight_smile:
If you mean in a table (and table can be used as container for control select value, the table act as a container for your selector, this is actually the suggested way if you want your doc to be used by multiple users at the same times, 'cause as today control value are on a per-doc basis instead on a per session/user basis, hopefully this will change in future) you can just use “people” column :slight_smile:

Instead, if you wanted it to be a canvas selector, you can make a table that contain all the user, one per row, and link the selector with this table

This second method is a little bit more tricky and less automatic, but it allows you to have way more flexibility in how you manage your users!

In my multi-users doc i always use this second method, the users are added to the “user” table by the user himself, pressing a button that can be pressed just once, i can tell you more about this if needed :slight_smile: )

This is top if for example your users are paid and free, so you can know which one is who, or to show to certain user just some part of the tables/pages etc!

Hope i’ve helped, i’m here for further explanation!

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I was hoping i don’t have to add user onto another table. just selection of user who are currently have access to doc or file.

To piggyback off what Mario said, we do have workarounds where we use table values as controls. E.g. @BenLee’s Custom Table Search Solutions doc uses helper tables to select values as a workaround for per-user search controls.

It sounds like you can use a helper table with a People column to populate the list of users without manually creating a user table. Anybody that you share your doc with via the Share dialog (top-right corner) or who’s a member of the doc’s folder should show up in the People column automatically.

Does this help?

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