Using formula to make clickable URL?

EDIT: You can do this far more elegantly by using buttons :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I’m making a list of places I want to visit and I’ve made a column which parses the name of the place into a Google Maps URL so I can easily check where it is.

Formula for this is:
Concatenate('' + Join("+",Split(thisRow.Idea," ")))

It would work great, but Coda doesn’t recognise it as a url and instead just keeps it unclickable, highlighting on hover because it’s a formula. Is there a solution to make this clickable?

I took your formula, and made two changes in the below to convert the output to a hyperlink:

  1. Changed the single quotations to double quotations around “

  2. Added .hyperlink() to your formula


I would have embedded, but that features does not appear to be working (at least for me).


Perfect! Thanks a bunch! I’ve since realised Coda is smarter than me… I can use buttons, much cleaner.

Swapping the single quotes to double doesn’t seem to be necessary, curious to learn why you opted to do that?

I’ve used maps embedding before, but to be honest I prefer just having links I can open up, the embedded map is either too small to really use, or too big making the doc hard to navigate.

Glad to hear!

Regarding quotes, the link didn’t seem to be recognized at first when I copy and pasted the formula, so I tested other quote types and it just worked. Certainly possible that it has no functional impact and was just a fluke for me.