Using value from a controler in a conditional formula


I learnt in a previous post (Filter using a controler) how to find a value depending on a controler.

I would like now to use that value in a conditional formula.
When I try doing
=If((Weapons.Filter(currentValue=Weapon2).Wins)=8,“8”,“not 8”) i don’t have any result (the bolt formula displaying “8” when put outside of the conditional)

What should be the right way of handling that?


I am not entirely sure what you are trying to do, but I am assuming you want to highlight/apply style to show the weapons that is selected in weapon2 and has a win of 8,

the formula would be Weapon2.Value = thisRow and thisRow.Wins = 8

The first part of the condition thisRow = Weapon2.Value finds matching row from weaons table and then second condition only picks it if wins are 8.



I would like to have two controlers and a solution linked to the controlers value

Example :
Sword & Shield (17 wins) and Mace (7 wins) are selected on the controler.

It should display “Sword & Shield wins”

I have a table WEAPONS with the Weapon and the number of Wins for each weapon.
I would like to create a formula that gives me the winner between the selected weapons in the controlers (Weapon1 and Weapon2).