What is the Conditional formula for check "if the value is not found

I am using filter formular to find today’s date in a Date field and if it’s not found, the button will be disabled. However, I don’t know which formula I should use to set a condition “if the value is not found” is true. The below is where I am up to, only for filtering value. :smiling_face_with_tear: Thank you!

[Project List].filter([Added Date] = Today()))

Hi Nat

Could you share an example? I do not see immediately what you are looking for.

Try adding .IsBlank() check (or .IsNotBlank() whenever you need true if there’s results)

[Project List].filter([Added Date] = Today())).IsBlank()

Or there’s a slightly more efficient version :

[Project List].Any([Added Date] = Today())).Not()

Any() means stop checking at the first found match and return true, or return false if none matched. And .Not() to negate the result


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