Value suggestion leads to wrong number inputed

Not exactly a bug, but a flawed design in my opinion…

When I tried to fill a cell with the value “10”, I double-clicked it, typed 10and hit ENTER, but it filled the cell with the value 100. I didn’t notice at first, but when I double checked the values I saw the wrong number, tried again and the same thing happened… Then I noticed that where my mouse cursor rested after I double-clicked, it automatically selected a suggested value and when I hit ENTER it grabbed this value and inserted it into the cell.

See it happening in the image below:

Acidental Typo

I think this default behavior should change… Maybe the user should click in the suggested value for it to be selected by the mouse cursor?


Dear @Carlos_Roriz_Amplus_Construtora

Would you mind to share the doc with this table, as in the one I reproduced, I don’t face such behavior?

Of course it’s always good to check if on an other computer/browser without running extensions the issue repeats :thinking:

I tried it with many different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge Chromium and Opera) and the same thing happened. But here is a coda with the table in question:

Dear @Carlos_Roriz_Amplus_Construtora,

When I type the number and “enter”, I get the actual number I have been putting in.
What I recognize is that when the mouse is nearby and accidentally highlights the 100%, the same issue as you mentioned happens. :worried:

There are already several posts where users address the same issue and hopefully soon the Codans will come with a solution

That’s is what I meant and the reason why I called it a “flawed design” instead of a bug. I probably wasn’t clear enough…

Anyway… This seems to be a pretty serious issue, since it’s quite easy to happen and leads to straight up wrong data being inputted and many might not even notice. It shouldn’t select the value just by hovering over it with the mouse cursor, and by that I mean if you just highlight it (the mouse hover interaction) and hit ENTER, it shouldn’t grab that value and insert it into the cell.

So… should I mark you post as a “solution”?

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Hi @Carlos_Roriz_Amplus_Construtora

No for sure not and as mentioned earlier hopeful the Codans will find a way to address this

I have had this issue too. It’s annoying

Yeah, the dropdown should be lower, thats it.

Now I just found the same issue but manifested in a different way, now in the Conditional Format panel…

After I type [Column]>1 and hit ENTER it autocompletes with the suggested value 0.1.

Conditional Formating Autocomplete Bug

Before that, when I only had typed [Column]> it clearly showed me that it would autocomplete with a 0 after that

Autocomplete 1 - Copia

But after typing the 1, there’s no signal that it would autocomplete with anything:


And when I hit ENTER it grabbed the value 0.1 instead of 1:


In other words, it has the same problem of grabbing an “auto-highlighted” suggested value after you hit ENTER without clear indication that it will autocomplete with that.

This will probably cause a lot of accidental wrongly inputted data. The Coda team really need to rethink the behavior of these suggested values. In the previous case, it selected a value just because I left the cursor where a suggested value would pop (without me clicking on it or something like that which would suggest more clear intent) and in this second case it grabbed a suggested value without me hitting TAB (or ) and showing me the autocompleted value after what I have typed already.

I hope what I’m saying makes any sense to you…


Wow, so it isn’t just about the dropdown. I just tested it and realize in your first example, that I get the number I was putting in, but my cursor was away from the dropdown. But this example shows another behavior with the enter button…

This is a big issue that’s a small fix. Nothing’s more annoying than Coda helpfully inputting the wrong number for you. Bumping this to hopefully get an acknowledgement of the issue.


Yeah… These kinds of issues seem to be severely underestimated. It doesn’t matter how many features or how pretty your software is if in the end of the day you can’t input your data with confidence and it’s full of typos/errors. I constantly have to double/triple check, making things much slower than they should be.

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@Carlos_Roriz_Amplus_Construtora, @Saul_Garcia , @Fernando_Valladares, @Ian_Nicholson, & @Jean_Pierre_Traets there has been an update to autocomplete :point_down:


… …


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