Disable auto suggest

It would be nice if there was a way to turn off auto-suggestion when you input a new record. I have lots of similar data and it sometimes grabs wrong data. For the record, I also found the same feature in Excel annoying :wink:



This is very frustrating when also entering numbers in a currency field. If you have a row that has say say £100.10 and then you type £100 it becomes £100.10 when you press tab to move for a quick entry.

Can the column have auto suggest disabled? It is useful in text fields to prevent duplicate data entry - but it just needs to be controlled or made better.

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Dear @John_Faig and @Shaun_Singh,

I recommend to disable the auto fill option in your browser settings


I am not aware if it will be possible to disable only in the columns for the time being

My auto-fill settings have been off in Chrome.

+1 vote from me as well. I spend a lot of time correcting auto suggest that fills that I cannot seem to unselect.

@John_Faig and @Laura_Theis, are you referring to Text columns and the same issue when Tab is pressed to advance to the next column that @Shaun_Singh mentioned with Currency columns?

For me, I insert a new row and type directly into the text fields. The auto-suggestions popup and get in the way.


This is what I would love to be able to disable. I find it more frustrating than useful. Thank you!



Thank you both for the reply. I don’t have any news as of right now, but this will go in our notes!

For the record, me too. Autocomplete should stay for selects, lookups etc, but off or optional for simple text fields.

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A related issue:

  • If you’re navigating your table by keyboard, you can arrow into the cell you want to edit, type your new thing, and then hit tab or enter, and it will ignore the suggestions
  • BUT - if you got to the cell you want to edit by clicking on it (common), your mouse is likely still hovering there, which means it will be hovering over the first suggestion, which means tab/enter will select the first suggestion.
  • Would be better if the auto suggest options were only selected by a mouse move, not a mouse-was-already-sitting-over-the-place-that-the-suggest-box-popped-into


Need this desperately!

I would also really appreciate this!