Disable auto suggest

It would be nice if there was a way to turn off auto-suggestion when you input a new record. I have lots of similar data and it sometimes grabs wrong data. For the record, I also found the same feature in Excel annoying :wink:

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This is very frustrating when also entering numbers in a currency field. If you have a row that has say say £100.10 and then you type £100 it becomes £100.10 when you press tab to move for a quick entry.

Can the column have auto suggest disabled? It is useful in text fields to prevent duplicate data entry - but it just needs to be controlled or made better.

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Dear @John_Faig and @Shaun_Singh,

I recommend to disable the auto fill option in your browser settings


I am not aware if it will be possible to disable only in the columns for the time being

My auto-fill settings have been off in Chrome.