Views of data - how to make "Detail" view for each column to check data at different angles

Hello to everybody!
Suppose my question is quite easy to solve, but can’t figure that out.
Here is my table:

I want to create a view “Detail” of offers like:
Jan IT 100$ 1
Feb ES 200$ 2

Also a view of Advertiser:
Offer 1 IT Jan 100$ 1
Offer 2 IT Jan 400$ 4

So will be able to check in “detail” view what countries has that offer, see the profit and sales for each month etc.
Same for advertisers - i will be able to check what offers advertiser has, what countries has those offers and stat for each country.

Thanks in advance! :pray:

Hi @Rat_Race,
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

Have you tried Group By option?
Top-right of your table > Options (opens right Table options panel) > Group, then select the group by files (offer name or Advertiser).

Is this what you intended?

In case, if you could share your doc (top-right of page) it would be easier to better understand and/or work directly.


I would recommend that you create an “Advertisers” table and change the advertiser column in the offers table to be a lookup from that table, then, in the advertisers table, you can get all the offers that relates to each of the advertisers and create a detaile view of that table.

Thanks, Federico!

Asaf_Dafna - suppose that is the solution!
And i think i can also do the same with Offers to create a “detail” view!
I tried something similar but couldn’t solve “month” problem.
Will come back in a few days to solve month problem :slight_smile:
Thank you guys!