(Wait) Is there a way to make automations wait to fire?

We have two automations that need to fire off the same field, but one needs to wait until the other is finished. Is there a way to make coda wait like 3 mins then fire the second automation?

You can use @Leandro_Zubrezki ’s scheduler pack to essentially schedule the next automation (button press) exactly 3 min later

Or you could use the hidden _delay() function - although I haven’t tested out how delay works with larger delays into the minutes

And delay() is a hidden formula, so prone to breaking or changing.

Leandro’s scheduler pack is your best bet!

Depending on what your actions are, could you not just add the second action as a “and then” criteria in your automation?

Single Automations can run multiple sequential actions AND access the results of previous action. I have some automations with 7+ distinct actions and are dependent on one another!

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No, because we only want the second automation to fire if the first one fails. So that’s where we are stuck.

What’s the first automation? It’s possible you can log it’s failure and THEN run some conditions to either run or not run your second action

Overall, very possible. Just going to need a good amount more context to the specific workflow, actions, etc to get you some help

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