What are the use cases for absolute row references?

To be clear, we’re talking about when you type @ and reference a specific row of a table right?

Ways I’ve used it:

  • referencing specific people in a people table (sometimes I use a People table when I want more metadata than the native Person object provides, for example, keeping track of their slack user Id for notification mention purposes)
  • referencing specific variables in a table of configuration variables (bits of config like account ids for 3rd party pack services, or constants like how many rows of the table should display as a preview on the dashboard page)

Yeah I use these as frequently as almost ANY coda building block

Super helpful when you need to reference specific things within formulas. For example, I often hold Email Message templates inside of a table.

I will set the Display column to something like:

  • Rejection Email
  • Approval Email

Then, when constructing my emails in a different table that will send to users, I can simply @ reference either email which is appropriate to send to the user, and then chain into the actual email body template.

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