What enhancements would you like to see to Coda API?

A common theme for advanced Coda builders is that the Coda API doesn’t capture functionality found in the Formula language.

I’m creating this post to serve as a round up of topics that are impacted by this issue.

If the Coda API was built with Formula enablement in mind, what would your top use cases be?

My top use case: View ID
Advanced builders are combining Canvas controls, tables, Detail view, Pack, and Coda’s API to enable common use cases (Project tracking, Client portals, Event management, inventory, etc.). These workflows are all multi-step and often happening in the Detail view.

Choosing your view based on your chosen action is a primitive for all of them.

Linking back a Table and picking the View is an unsolved problem today.

OpenRow() is the formula solution for choosing a view for a link to a table. However it requires a table chip, so there is no way to use the formula against a list of tables (for example picking a view based on the desired action).

ObjectLink() is the formula used by the community because the URL can be hacked to insert the View ID for a table. However, there’s nothing in the API to enable this.

Coda API has multiple URL systems:


There are multiple link construction methods with multiple ID methods for each component.

The Browser Link is a close fit to ObjectLink(), but it doesn’t used the hashed View ID so it’s not a solve.

Your examples
What additions would you like to see to Coda API?