Features for more expressive power

Dear Coda developers,

I’d like to inquire whether the following features are considered for future development. They would give expressive power approximating that of a general purpose programming language, but with the advantages of Coda (simplicity, direct manipulation, declarativity, familiar metaphors etc.). I list them along with concrete examples:

  • Formulas for custom visualization (composable graphics) - Apparatus, Drawing Dynamic Visualizations
  • Formulas for interactive widgets (composable UI) - Gneiss
  • Hierarchical view (inline display of relation chains) - SIEUFERD
  • Recursive and union types (arbitrarily complex AST-like data structures) - Elm

Thank you in advance, and keep up the good work!


I think these things woule make Coda become a operater system and Formula become a full (and complicated) programming language. :slight_smile:

And IMHO, Coda approaches programmable via tables and formulas, while programming languages with structures, classes, or types, need different affect to implement visualization. They are two things, and there are two ways.

Of course, I want Coda be more programmable, and be more suitable for general tasks. But I think Coda, on now architecture, is far away from general programming languages, like Elm.