What is Conditional format and why is it taking so long?

This massive delay occurs when adding about 4000 rows to [DB Periods].

Worth noting, I have filtered all tables that rely on [DB Periods] so that none of them show even a single row. But it’s still slow.

@Paul_Danyliuk You kow anything about this?

I know that conditional formatting tends to inflate doc size, but I haven’t encountered any specific slowdowns there.

My guess is that the conditional formatting formula itself is pretty heavy. Hard to tell without seeing the doc.

What is Conditional format

Well, unless I’m missing something, it shows the time it takes to calculate, uhm, conditional formatting rules. AFAIK conditional formatting rules are stored in such way that for each rule, for each view where this rule is inherited, there’s one or even a few “hidden” columns are created that store true/false values (i.e. applicable for that rule or not).

Which makes me think, maybe the rule itself is not complicated but you have many views on that table?