What is the ideal setup for dynamically adding a sequence of tasks from a template to a master to-do list but has user inputs?


I can’t seem to wrap my head around this…

In my template task table, I have something like this:

1.0 Start Inspection
1.1 Task 1 (Work)
1.2 Task 2 (Work)
1.2.1 Subtask 1 (Work)
2.0 Start Assessment
2.1 Task 4
2.2 Question (DECISION)?
2.2.1 Yes, then do X
2.2.2 No, then do Y
3.0 Start Planning
4.0 Start Execution
5.0 Start Testing
6.0 Start Finalization
7.0 Start Commissioning

For context, I have over 100 maintenance projects for equipment that will go thru the same stages. However, the path that is taken may vary depending on decisions, equipment conditions, location, etc.

When a project first gets started, all the tasks before and including that first decision step (2.2) would be added to the master to-do list. When the user gets to that decision step and selects an option, the next set of tasks to be added to the master to-do list will be those associated with the user’s decision. (See pic)

Based on this ideology, I would use decision steps to populate my to-do list from the template table. I would need to keep track of what has been added and so forth (checkbox). I feel like this is a fractured way to do it. So, any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Also to mention in my template table, I have columns for dependencies, resources that I will use to calculate the estimated times for starting the task, completing it, and tracking field.

The last thing, since each task will be completed by different users, I foresee using buttons to submit or to complete a task in order to move to the next step. Given the sheer amount of items on my template list, I’m worried that my doc will be slowed down significantly. So what would be a better option?


Hey there, my favorite place to check out how to build my tables is the doc gallery. Where usually countless other makers have build out something pretty close to that I’m looking for. I’ve pulled up our project management docs so you can take a look and get some inspiration. :dizzy:

Head To The Gallery

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