What would you like to see in a banner pack?

Hello Coda community!
So recently I’ve been tinkering with a pack that can generate banners/images.

What would you like to see in such a pack? Right now, there is the ability to:

  • Set a background image
  • Set foreground text
  • Add a small circular image to the side (i.e: a person’s avatar)
  • Change text color and font

Is this something useful that you would use? Any suggestions how to improve it?


Hello @Fol_Eso ,

Sounds like a nice pack. I can’t think of any additional options that would be needed for a banner. It will be nice if there are going to be some placement options for the text (left, right, center) and for cropping or moving the background image.

Success with building this,
Greetings, Joost

GP3 integration. It is possible to generate all sorts of images, copy, and banners by simply describing them. Example -

GP3 supports these types of descriptors as well.