Where is Coda data stored?

Since I started using Coda I gathered a small collection of docs on my Google Drive. One of them in particular contains an inventory which should occupy some space. But all my Coda files appear to have 0 bytes on the drive. They can’t be that small, can they???


Not completely sure about this, but as far as I know, how Google manages data is what gives you 0 bytes. Let me explain.

(notice Size separate from Storage used and that Google files are free)

  • If you add a 1MB *.pdf, size and storage would be 1MB.
  • If you add a new version to such file, let’s say new version is 1.2MB, it’s size should be 1.2MB and 2.2MB of storage used, because you have 2 versions of the same size
  • Now, even if you have a gigantic Google Slides file, it will always be 0. That’s Google’s way to encourage you to use their programs.

This far I know for sure. Now the assumption.

  • IF Coda has a deal with Google, Coda files could also use 0 bytes, which could change as the deal changes.

My guess is that they do have a deal, and a pretty good one for users as far I’m concern.


That sounds pretty good indeed.