Where is the uploaded PDF link / the url? Need to view PDF source in export (csv)

Hi, I’m sure there’s a simple solution, I just can’t find it. :).

Situation: I add (upload) a file to a table, eg: a ‘Report about Airplane Seats’.

Problem: When exporting the table, to csv, or when including rows from the table it in a page of text, (ie: when writing a summary document), the table just shows the column header, but no PDF file (fine) but NO link to the uploaded document.

I need to see the url link to the PDF file uploaded. ie: so I can include the source PDF reference/ url link to the PDF in my summary report, (or in my csv exported to send to someone/ reformat from there).



Hey there! Please see my post here :slight_smile:

For your purpose you can simply use thisRow.PDF._Merge().ParseJSON("publicUrl")


Hi, thank you for your time. :).

Can you explain to a newbie where exactly I’m inserting this row reference? Do I create a button for this? Or do I change the upload (file) column to a formula and add this code in there?

Many thanks.

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No problem and welcome to Coda :partying_face:
So this makes most sense to be an additional column I’d say, have a look at the URL column here:

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Ok, extra column it is!

I’m coming / trying from Airtable & the handling of PDFs is a notable difference. (Airtable simply does a csv export with the PDF hosted url/link included, &/or gives an image preview of the PDF in print mode). So, this PDF handling is a real block for me given normal use-cases.

So, I really appreciate your help with this! Thank you!

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