Why are slack messages split when long?

It seems like messages are split when there are more than around 4000 characters. With split I mean it seems like the message is delivered as multiple messages and not a single one. Is there a good reason to why that is? According to the slack doc they changed the limit in August this year so you can post much longer messages, https://api.slack.com/changelog/2018-04-truncating-really-long-messages. At the same time it seems like there is some kind of limit in the slack UI.

Hi Tomas - thanks for reaching out. Coda nor the Slack pack are doing any splitting. We use
the chat.postMessage API call to send this message on your behalf: https://api.slack.com/methods/chat.postMessage

According to the link you sent out (but, absent from the API documentation) Slack seems to reserve the right to split messages over 4000 characters into multiple messages, which I presume is what is causing the behavior you are seeing.


Hope this helps.


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You are right. I was reading it wrong. Then I guess there is not much you can do about it since it is a limitation in the slack API.