Why [CTRL+LMB] behaves like [SHIFT+LMB]? All cells are being selected

I need to select specific cells in a column from multiple NON-adjacent rows.
In every Software you would normally use ctrl+lmb, but this in Coda only works for the whole rows: try ctrl+lmb on single cells and it would work as shift+lmb select all the cells in-between.
Is this an intended behavior?
How would you paste a value to multiple cells of non-adjacent rows?

I need to select only cells of “Chapter” column from row 1 and 5
However it’s possible to select non-adjacent whole rows

Currently, just copy / paste something 2 times in Chapter cell 1 and Chapter cell 2 .

Hi @Andr,

You’re right, currently we don’t have ability, but it can be useful for sure. I’ll add this to our internal notes.

Thank you for posting!

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