Why does every thing have to be linked?

I have been using coda for a construction company and I like to use tables and cards and some of the other functions to organize my data, But only in rare occasions do I need anything to be linked. In my case I want to make a page for a customer and then I wanted to make another page to track the job progress. The job tracker I will use frequently and has a mix of different tables and cards to input data in but I dont need it linked to anything. In fact I almost need nothing linked at all! In those rare occasions I do need to link something it would be really easy to do with a pop up button asking if I would like to link a view I copied. Sometimes I will get the duplicate data option sometimes I wont. Instead anything I copy is always linked and I cant change that. I just want to keep a page as a template to duplicate when I need to.

Hi Phil! You should be able to duplicate pretty easily. Could you make a super simple example doc that demonstrates what you’re trying to accomplish or where you’re blocked?