Why does it have to be so complicated?

I’m sorry, Coda is great but why in the world something so simple as this (in Google Sheets):

has to be so complicated as this (in Coda):

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Also when I build a chart for that table in Coda, why does it shows days, hours minutes instead of gallons per day as in the table?

Also, how do you add up values of a filtered column instead of just adding up all existing rows?

hi @M_G , welcome to the community. I can see why this feels difficult, Coda is a different concept compared to any spreadsheet. Getting access to the previous row logic is not that difficult, you can have a look at this blog, it shows an easy way out.

Cheers, Christiaan

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hi @M_G

There are mainly two types of filters:

  • in a formula that results in the filtered output (on canvas, in your column, in an automation)
  • in a formula applied to the view of the table resulting in a filtered view (related to the output)

Indeed, both are unrelated and I would like to see this different.

when you want to have the outcome of the filtered view, you have to recreate the filter in your canvas function in the same way. you thus create a filter to get a different table view and you create a filter on the canvas that gives the related outcome.

Cheers, Christiaan

Awesome solution @Christiaan_Huizer !! Much easier than what I have used in the example.

I was able to solve the issue with a filtered output as well. Thank you.

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