Yield ratios and recruiting reports

I’m trying to create reporting for my recruiting function and I’d like to use Coda. I’d like to mimic the data in the triangle above my table. The information in table is made up and nothing actually computes, how could I make it actually output what I’m looking to achieve?

This is the closest I have achieved:

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You’re an amazing human being

Hi @Denis_Peshekhonov,

You showed in the past already that you have a serious skill set and creativy to challenge the status quo but, this masterpiece :trophy: is showing again that Coda has many uncovered gems :gem::gem::gem:

:diamonds:This is also a good example why it’s important to have hidden columns to be able to calculate underlaying data to be able to achieve the result :diamonds:

Thank you sharing and inspiring :clap:

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@Denis_Peshekhonov I’m still working on the same doc but I have a new problem. Could either you or @Jean_Pierre_Traets or any Codaweome person help me sort this concept?

Basically I want be able to set the difficulty level and the effort level for different team members and for their respective roles. So that we can see if we are over utilizing someone and distribute work evenly.

I was thinking that a search for an Open Req (Job search) could be:
Easy (one chili)
Medium (two chili)
Hard (three chili)

The effort per individual is based on their role on the hiring team: (1-10)
Steward(Hiring Manager)
Easy: 2
Medium: 3
Hard: 4
Assessor (interviewer)
Easy: 1
Medium: 2
Hard: 3
Ally (Recruiter)
Easy: 4
Medium: 6
Hard: 8
**Ops (coordinator)[Roadmap & Allocation]