Zapier add permissions action

Hi all!

I am figuring out how to monetize a document but I am not able. A quick way to do it will be to have an action on zapier to add permissions to someones’ email. That way, we sell the product in gumroad and a zapier adds the buyer’s email to the doc permissions and send an email to access the doc.

Do you have plans to add this zapier action?


Hey @Jose_Bermejo could you expand the whole flow from gumroad to doc creation/copy etc to help us understand how this might work?


I’m working in a big doc which is a kind of step-by-step guide and helps with decision making to companies. The idea is to monetize this document. The flow would be the next one:

  1. User goes to gumroad and buys the document.
  2. That user, when purchasing, introduces an email.
  3. Gumroad has a zap in Zapier for everytime we receive a purchase. I can know the email of the buyer.
  4. Once I take the email of the buyer with zapier, an action with coda (the one that I asking for) to add permissions to the template doc will allow the user to access the doc and copy it for their own use. The action will add read permissions for the email that we have on zapier.
  5. From zapier I email the user informing the URL to access the document and the instructions to copy and use it.

Let me know if you want more information.

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