2 Basic Questions About Tables

I have a table with around 1,000 rows. On the page, situated right above the table are some filter controls. My two questions are:

  1. Is there some way to know, jut by looking, if one of the controls has been used to filter the table? As it is, I need to open the the control’s pull-down and see if there are checkmarks next to all, or only some, of the choices. It would be great if I could tell, just by looking, whether a filter control is being used. For example, if I could make a little red dot appear next to any filter that has been used, or something like that.

  2. I often use the little search box at the top right of the table. If I have scrolled down a bunch, then that search box isn’t available unless I scroll all the way back to the top. There must be a shortcut to bring up a search box from wherever you are, no?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Corey,

Question 1.
Filters (select controls) are always in action.
If a single selection was made, it will show in the edit box.
If multiple selections were made, the first selection will be shown, plus a number indicator how many further items were selected.
It will also indicate whether"all" or “none” were selected.

Rambling Pete