A little complex workaround

Hello community! Today I come with a challenge that I don’t know if it can be solved with Coda. I have a document with two pages, the first one is “records” where there is a table showing 2 columns:

  • Record Name
  • Category

And a second page called “logs” where there is another table with 3 columns:

  • Record Name
  • Category
  • Grades

The first two columns are brought from the table found in “records”. The last one is a canvas that contains another table inside as shown in the image

What I am trying to achieve is that when creating a new row in the logs table and it has the same Record Name, it automatically brings the value of the record from the last row that has the same name. Something like the following image

Here is the file in case you want to take a deeper look Records · Example

I have tried to find the solution using conditionals, connections between tables but honestly I have not been able to achieve it yet. Somebody could help me?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Steve_Calderon :blush: ,

I’m sorry but it seems that the doc you shared (thanks for sharing :raised_hands: ) is not accessible :innocent:

Could you check in the sharing settings of your doc if the option under Anyone with the link is set to Can view ?

Even though, I from the look of the url, I think you tried to published it but maybe didn’t go through the whole process :woman_shrugging:

Unless, someone already gave you some type of private answer/help :blush: (as I can see that the link to your doc has been click a few times already :blush: )

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