A tool for (agile) teams to improve retrospectives, 1-2-1's and transformation

This is a tool that I use with agile teams to focus retrospectives, 1-2-1’s and org strategy. It’s let me get incredible results in real life - and Coda’s prototyping capabilities made that so possible.

It feels like I’ve been telling people about Coda for years now, and am happy to finally share a doc. I’ve even created a domain for it.

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I forked my Navigator and created a different version for Data Ethics. One of my big wishes for Coda is the ability to merge changes from other docs - copying between docs is painful.


Love this visual! Must have taken you a bit of work to make that in Coda :slight_smile:

For the “initialize a reading” button, I took a quick look and there is some seriously large back end calculations going on here. I know you call out that it will take a few seconds, so I wonder if we can get it down to ~.5 secs.

Have you looked in to the calculation analyzer? You can get to it when the doc says “Calculating…” and you click on the “calculating” text in the top nav.

Hi John.

Thanks for the reply! Sorry I missed it.

I’m keeping up my investigations on just what causes all that processing. I fear there are just a few too many cross references between all the tables involved.

I have been through the analyser - and I cut it down a lot, but the next steps may require some re-engineering!