A way to print embed PDF in the table's canvas column?

Hello. I created a table in which i attached PDF file in column A and then I have column B as PDF url and then column C as canvas to display embed PDF file.

The canvas in column C can display PDF file but it’s not able to expand display to print and download. (I think it is because of the formula)

And another I want to ask if we could extend the vertical area of pdf exbed file in to multiple pages display at once. Not like in the image that display only one-page-A4.

Hey @Korn_Tris! Thanks for your question. Without looking at the doc or the doc formulas I would say you could create a button in the canvas column that would point to the main link in the row and then “Open Hyperlink” of that doc URL to then have a screen where they can print the document etc.

Let me know if that helps. If it’s not quite what you were looking for, that is completely fine, but if possible I would ask you to open up a support ticket by clicking the “?” in the lower right-hand corner of the doc and selecting “Get Support”

Either way, looking forward to hearing from you!