Ability to chart a list of numbers with Line Chart?

In a pinch, I would use Excel as a quick tool to compute and chart data. Yes, Matlab or Python are better tools for this, but Excel works, too.

Tried the same thing in Coda. For example, the following formula creates a sine wave list of numbers:

I can’t figure out how to chart this list on a line chart. When I create a Line Chart or a Scatter Chart, it wants to create a view of a table. However, my data is in a list, not in rows of a table. Putting it in a table is not practical.

I’m sure I’m misusing Coda, but thought I’d ask to see if I’m missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance!

hi @Eric_Hewitt ,

If you want to do this with Coda, what about this suggestion?

you split the list and distribute it over rows in an other (or in the same) table.

Sequence(1,thisRow.StartList.Split(",").Count()).FormulaMap([Table 2].AddRow([Table 2].MyList,thisRow.StartList.Nth(CurrentValue)))

best, christiaan

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