Ability to remove date in detail view

Unless I’m missing something, it’s currently not possible to remove a date once it’s entered in detail view. It would be great to have a button on the modal to remove the date, or to just allow the date to be deleted. Thanks!

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I have solved the problem creating a simple button in a new column; the setting are

Disable IF thisrow.date.IsBlank()
Action: Modifyrows(thisrow,date,””)

It worked very well for me!

Dear @Jacob_Fisher,

You could mark the date with the mouse and delete the whole date.

Optional, you can select ether the “day”, “month” , “year” section and manually correct it to the value of choice.

Obviously this is the fastest way to change the year

I also find it quite annoying that you cant fully remove date from expanded row (or detail view however you want to call it). There are many times where I didn’t want to add due date for some task and clicked by mistake on date, than had to go to table view to remove date.

@Jean_Pierre_Traets are you sure your suggestion works in expanded row view? It works from table view that’s ok, but when you expand row you cant select whole date and remove it, at lest I wasn’t able to find a way to do it :thinking:

Yeah @Marko_Petrovic, I don’t see that what @Jean_Pierre_Traets suggests works in expanded view. I’d like a simple modal like is in Todoist (screenshot attached), where you can set or remove dates in a date column. Would be a huge QoL upgrade.