Feature request - easier date cell deletion

It’s difficult to delete dates, especially in certain views:

  1. In table Detail view, it doesn’t appear possible to right click to delete, or to select the date cell without showing the calendar. It is possible to delete by opening the calendar, then hitting Escape key to hide it, observing that the cell is “highlighted” as the bottom line is blue, and then hitting Delete on keyboard. This is not obvious and cumbersome.
  2. In regular table view, if a cell is very small it is hard to select it without the calendar popup.

An obvious, fast way to delete both with the Del key or via an onscreen visual would be a big improvement in usability for date fields.

Thank you!


I’ve got this added to our internal tracker.

Thank you for the feedback!

What tool do you use for internally tracking feature requests? :laughing:


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Dear @trader_umr

Obviously it’s done in Coda.
I recommend this Crowdcast if you are interested in more details

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I know. It was an attempt to make a joke. :slight_smile:

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