How do you clear a date from a cell?


Ok, I think this is an easy one–hope someone can help.

Once I’ve added a date to a date-formatted cell, how do I then clear that cell so that it is empty again (as it was initially)? I don’t see anything in the right-click menu to do this, and the delete key doesn’t work.

The only available UI for this cell once a date is added is the date picker. I want no date.



Dear @Dana_Armstrong

Right from the date left-click and with the Delete button (keyboard) you can delete the date.:bulb:

Jean Pierre


Ah, thanks, @Jean_Pierre_Traets! That did the trick.

The issue I had is that you have to click to the right of the date (on an empty part of the cell) in order for this to work. My date column was narrow, and so any click I made opened the date picker. I had to widen the column in order to delete the date (which was unintuitive).

Your GIF was VERY helpful, thanks so much for taking the time to make it for me. I now have a nice empty cell!