Is there a way to clear date columns in Expand Row / Detail view?

The only behaviour I get when I click on a date formatted column in detail view is the pop-up of a calendar to choose a date. I have no option to clear the cell and have it blank. The only way I can do that is if I go to table view, find my row, find the date column, select it and press delete/backspace.

I wish I could choose “Blank” in the same way I can with Select columns. (At least in detail view when I use it as a data entry form.)

I apologize for this - its not intuitive and something we need to fix, here’s how you can clear from detail view. Once the pop up of calendar opens, press Esc followed by Delete that should clear the date.

Like as you see here.


Thanks for showing me how to do it!

Bumping this in the hopes it gets prioritized.

Another bump, in general clearing dates is painful and this is something our users are continuously asking about.

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Another vote for this. This is brutally painful. I had to add instructions on the form so our user’s wouldn’t be confused how to clear dates :man_facepalming: