Action ⚡️ --> disconnect view from table

So from a lot of workflows that I’ve set up for my team, I’ve come to realize it would be valuable, when creating a new section for a meeting that has views of a table (say running action items), to memorialize the state of that meeting once we’re done.

That way, when the next meeting section is created, we can keep modifying the action items table for example, without affecting the previous sections since the table is no longer a view. P.S I’ve created this functionality mostly with a combination of delaying date modified filters, but I think a frictionless solution is possible.

This would be great as an action: Disconnect(myView)

And the new table in place of the view could be renamed something like myView Snapshot 1 or the like.

The benefit from an automation standpoint is that the formula could be called at the end of the day each day, or from a button at the end of the section. I already use the hidden DuplicatePage formula quite extensively, and can see this pairing really well with a running meeting setup.

Would love to hear others thoughts and/or why this would work!