Activate(thisRow) as full screen not modal view

I have a set of documents (which reside in a canvas column) wherein the row has a status of either Approved or one of a handful of states other than Approved. The general population are only able to see a read-only view of the Approved documents and I’ve given elevated rights to people who need to be able to view all of the unapproved documents.

I am trying to replicate the functionality of Activate(thisRow) wherein it opens as view=full versus view=modal.

I thought I had solved it with the following, but that lends a view of the main table, not a view of the linked table.


I tested hardcoding the document number, which works as expected, but needs to be made dynamic to be useful.


I assume there is a super obvious solution I am over looking here…

Hi @Nate_Eikelberg :blush: !

I’m not entirely sure but have you tried OpenRow() ?

Something like:

OpenRow(thisRow,viewMode: "fullscreen")

You can also specify the view where the row needs to be opened :blush:

OpenRow(thisRow,[Specific view of my table],"fullscreen")

Just in case, here’s a very quick sample doc to illustrate (even though, maybe I misunderstood your question :innocent: )

The first button (the blue one) you’ll find in the table Main opens thisRow in fullscreen, in the view [View of Main] using this action formula

OpenRow(thisRow,[View of Main],"fullscreen")

The second button (the purple one) opens thisRow in a modal, in the view [View of Main 2] using this action formula :

OpenRow(thisRow,[View 2 of Main],"modal")

And the third one, somewhat gets you back to the main table :blush:

A small note but it seems like Url() is not really used anymore, I think :thinking: … But there’s ObjectLink() :blush:

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for – but had no idea existed!

Yes thanks for bring that up – I’ve noticed a few functions I’ve used in the past now say deprecated, but wasn’t sure what more-recently adopted function should replace it.

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No problem @Nate_Eikelberg :grin: !

I’m very glad to know OpenRow() was indeed the missing piece here :raised_hands:

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