Activate() to open a TABLE or a VIEW?

I have a button that I want to use to ‘open’ a table for the user to edit (insert, modify, delete, etc)

When I encode this as Activate(myTable) then it opens the FIRST row of myTable for editing !
How do I get it to open the WHOLE table so the user can see all the rows and modify any of them as required (and hit the ‘+’ add-row button if required)?

I tried creating a page with a view of myTable but then I cant get Activate() to open a page either?
The documentation says the argument is " A Coda object. This includes table, views, columns, rows, pages, and docs"

So I must be encoding it incorrectly


I’m not aware of a popup view of a table in the way that you can have them for rows.

If you want to show a whole table, place a view of it on a page, and then use Open URL instead of Activate


Thanks @Nick_HE , that worked exactly as I needed