Automation Error : UI actions like "Activate" cannot run on the server


I created an automation and I still have this error message: ####

I understand the principle of the message. But not what are the elements in Coda that generates this error.

  • Formula fields
  • The buttons of a column
  • Open the form after creation

Do you have an idea ?

this error refers to Activate() which

  • can only be used inside an ACTION (ie a BUTTON or an AUTOMATION)
  • executes a UI action, so it should NOT be used inside an AUTOMATION (as far as i know)

Without seeing your automation code and the buttons it triggers, i cannot be 100% sure.
but i suggest you look among the buttons that are triggered by this automation for the use of the Activate() function (usually after a ModdifyRows() or AddRows() function).

You may need to create a separate version of that button so it does not invoke the Activate() function.


I created this action using coda’s GUI. When I display the created formula, I have an Activate.
I will test by removing this function. The next Automation starts in 30 minutes. I will look at the result.
I will keep you informed of the result.

this sound odd to me, as i do not know how an automation that runs every N minutes could make use of an Activate() call.

i hope that when you remove the Activate() but leave the rest of the code for the automation, it still does what you expect.

it would be very useful if you share the code or at least a screenshot of the automation dialog that generates the code. otherwise we are advisiing you completely in the dark. not a good situation.


Hello @Xyzor_Max,

I just checked and everything is working fine since I removed the “Activate” feature.

Here is the formula that works

Here is the formula that generates the error

The button I created is a button to be used manually. In 2% of cases, I would like the BOT to do it.

So I added the “Activate” function to display the row created in modal.
Either I do 100% by hand but it’s not cool :slight_smile:
Either I remove the “Activate” function which prevents the automation rule from working.

It’s a shame as a choice.

What would be good is that this UI function does not activate on the server side (it seems obvious) but above all leaves the rest of the function executed.

perhaps you can hide the current button, so it only gets used by the automation.

then add a new button that does a runactions(previousButton) followed by the activate(). that button is shown to users, so it only used in those cases by the user.

that way, if you change the logic, you only need to change it in one place.

hopefully, that will give you what you need, one button that is used by the automation and another that is used by users


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