ACTIVATE with Page as the object

In the Coda Reference it says that you can use a PAGE as input for the ACTIVATE action. However, there is no syntax and I’ve tried everything I can think of and all I get are errors. Can someone please tell me the SYNTAX for ACTIVATE(page). I’ve tried Activate(“Page”), Activate(@Page), and various other ways. If I type @and start typing the page name I see all the tables, rows, etc that start with those letters but PAGES never show up as they do when I’m just editing a page itself and type @Page Name.

I too was frustrated by the inaccuracy of the documentation for Activate(), it only opens ROWS.

But I have overcome the issue for PAGES using the following action


Where the string is the URL of the page you want to open.

(thanks to @Nick_HE for this suggestion)



Thanks for posting about the difficulty with the syntax for Activate @Susan_M_Davis! As @Xyzor_Max said, you would use a row with the Activate function:


A few places this formula is discussed are here and here.

Right. But the Coda formula reference documentation says it works with PAGES. That needs to be corrected if that isn’t true.

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Yup this is something we need to change!