Adalo Integration

I would like to see an integration with Adalo to make it more native for apps to be embedded into Coda.

Also, to have Adalo pack to be able to communicate to each other.

hey @Stefan_Stoyanov how would you see these integrate? Which is the cart and which the horse?

Thanks for reaching out!

I was hoping to use Adalo as client-facing and Coda as admin. Ideally record the info drop Adalo to Coda (ideally skipping Adalo database) and then also push info to Adalo from Coda.

Coda needs to be connected with something which offers a better UX and UI. Adalo might not be the most sophisticated but seems good fit for the no-code high efficiency creator-focused tool. But any other suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

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I was thinking also of another scenario - using Adalo (or similar) to push content to another Coda doc from Play mode. Something like subscribe button for a website.

The setup is - Coda doc in Play mode + embedded Adalo form with fill-in form and submit button.

The problems with this setup is that Adalo must be embedded with force embed which results in a grey box for the users.

Your best bet is probably to use Zappier for this connection. I imagine that Adalo is more of a niche product that might not be on Coda’s radar at the moment. Here is the info about the zap: Zappier + Adalo

Zappier is useful but fair warning - it would be very costly to scale if this is a public-facing app. Speaking of scale - you might have similar issues with Coda down the road RE: the physical limitations of a doc complexity/size.

For this I would recommend Gravity Forms instead of Adalo: Gravity Forms Coda Addon

To do this you could set up Gravity Forms on a Wordpress installation and create a page with your form and embed said page in your coda doc.

Hey what does this do? Just connect entries into Coda ala Zapier? Ideally it would be nice to have a two way sync functionality. I’ve hacked together something with (which seems to be the most fully featured form product out there now).

No - I apologize if my post was not really clear. I was laying out 2 options:

  1. Use Zapier to connect Adalo to Coda (based on the original request)
  2. Use Gravity Forms along with the Coda Addon to push form entries to Coda (based on the later update from @Stefan_Stoyanov mentioning how they are using a form from Adalo - the second option would replace Adalo completely)

Here is the post from the dev:

I do not have any experience with CognitoForms but I have used Gravity Forms quite a bit - they are easy because it leverages WordPress which can be a quickly implemented solution. You get the added benefits of shortcodes and a lot of other connections and options to build your form.


Thank you both for your input.

We have been using typeform which integrates well with Coda ( However, the UX is very odd to apply this for a subscribe button for claiming a package :slight_smile: