Add a checkbox grid for each row in a table

Hi guys! I have a bit of a tricky question and I hope you can help me.
So basically, I’m trying to create a system to keep track of the requests of my clients (I do translations).
I need to create something that allows me to list the documents they need me to translate for them and if they need an apostille for each one of those documents.

I’ll explain better: every time I add a new client, I need to be able to log in their details (name, email and phone number) and when they contacted me. Then I need to select what kind of translation they want (for example, marriage, divorce, academic records, ids, etc.) and where they will be using that document (USA, Europe, other country) - all this is easy to make, I just create a table and then some of the columns will have a drop-down menu.
But here’s the tricky part, I then need two columns whose values I need to expand!
For example: when the clients have multiple documents they want me to translate, I need to be able to select if they need apostille for that document (on the original document, on the translation or on both - so that’s three possible options for each document).
The other column would be for delivery: digital, mail or local pickup and for each document I need to be able to add a date when the delivery was actually made.

So, is there any way to create such a system?
I was thinking of creating a checkbox grid or something, so that I would have just a table of clients and then I could expand a row and then see the details for apostille and delivery for each client separately, but I don’t know how to make something like this. I tried subtables, but it doesn’t really do what I’d need.

Maybe I should try a different approach? I feel quite lost. Any suggestion would be very welcome.

Hi Anastasia,

Welcome to the community!

I think you are on the right track, simply create a row for each document, with ALL the fields you need. You can then group the table per customer, so that you have all documents for the customer together.


Thank you Piet!
I’m afraid that the solution you mention wouldn’t work, since it would end up looking something like this :frowning:

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