Adding rows to a new table based on a row selection from a different table

I’m working on a doc to help my team manage scholarship requests for one of our programs. I’ve created a form and associated tables to manage the selection process. When an applicant applies, it gives us their info and the amount of scholarship they are requesting in our Applicant Review table. Our team uses the table to upvote/downvote and then designate if an applicant is approved for the amount requested.

Now that the approval process is done, on a separate page, I’m working to manage the email correspondence with the approved applicants. I’m using the Outlook API pack and have already built the three templates we need (1. we received your request, 2. you’re approved for partial request 3. you’re approved for full request). This table is called the Scholarship Confirmation Email table.

When the checkbox column in the Applicant Review table is selected to designate an applicant as approved, I want it to populate a new row with the applicant’s name in the Scholarship Confirmation Email table. I already have that table pulling names in using a lookup column and it also shows the amount they requested and the coupon code they will need to use for the formation of the email template. However, using the lookup, I have to manually select from the lookup list of approved applicants. We want them to be added automatically to the Scholarship Confirmation Email table when the applicant is approved in the Applicant Review table.

The Problem:
I attempted to do this by setting an automation that looks like this:

When I tested this automation, it pulled in every name that had been approved into one new row.

What do I need to adjust to make to create one new row per applicant approved?

I’m on phone at the moment, so can’t go into detail.

But a completely different ideas: why not add a “approved” button that focus the checkbox, as well as add the detail to the new table?

Thanks, I’d love to hear more. In terms of automation instead of button, I would like it to work without having to select a button. Maybe I’m misunderstanding.

I’m really hoping someone can explain what I did wrong in setting up the automation. Unless what I’m trying to do isn’t possible. Or to your point, perhaps there’s a better way to accomplish the same sort of thing.

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