Add a formula to specify row order

This will not get many votes…

We have a doc with a table where the order of rows determines parentage. The parentage determins tasks / subtask relationship.

I have another table which refrences this table. Actual context is we have Design Cards that reference Task Cards

I can see the Task Cards in the Design Card detail view. However, I cannot add tasks in this view because its a lookup … coda will not allow it.

The only option is to use a button to add a new row … this is fine … however, coda will add the row to the botton of the Task Card Table which will not have the correct parrentage and thus not show up in the formula

I can fix this if I would be able to manually specific the row index … likely never going to happen as it sounds complicated in my mind … but basically the programmatic version of drag+drop rows in a view of a table.

Relying on a row order is not a very stable idea, because tables get filtered and sorted over time, and can also be sorted/ filtered in different ways in views at the same time.

Is it possible to explicitly establish a structure? E.g. by adding two columns, one called “previous task”, the next called “following task”?



I think manually setting previous and next task is a bit cumbersome. If I want the team to use this tool it needs to be easy to use. Being able to put gray cards under purple cards w/ drag and drop to denote priority and parentage is the design goal.

With our current implementation we use row order using a formula (cannot recall if its a find formula or not) and it works fine with table sorting and filtering because it uses the table and not the view, so it seems fairly stable.

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