Add description, collections and tags to a Doc in the Folder view

The management of Docs within Coda is still very limited. I would like to be able to…

  1. Add a description to a doc as you can do with folders
  2. Create collections and add a doc to one or multiple collections
  3. Add tags to a document

This would improve the management of Docs in Coda a lot without adding to much complexity.

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I started to realize that something like this would be awesome. The one thing I need the most, is to be able to give a short description to a doc, so that it is visible along side the doc name. Just being able to add two or three short sentences that describes what the Doc is all about would make wonders inside a folder containing multiple Docs.

All three points (1, 2 and 3) should be considered essential when it comes to Doc management.

Hope to see this feature implemented soon.

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Names of “collections” (and of other things) are tags / labels.